Paper Collage – made by reappropriating and remixing scraps and cut-outs from newspapers, books, magazines, photographs, etc.

Assemblage – made by assembling disparate elements, some scavenged and some specially sourced

Kinetic Art – art that depends on motion for its effects

Color Field Painting – an abstract painting style characterized by large areas of flat color

Figurative Exploration – any form of modern art that retains strong references to the real world and the human figure

Embroidery – the art of working raised and ornamental designs onto textiles using needle and thread

Zine Making – the act of self-publishing mini-magazines about music, collage, drawing, poetry, short stories, and more

Assemblage Example Workshop

Assemblage may be best known as the art form made famous by Robert Rauschenberg in the 1950s. But this trash-to-treasure approach to art-making actually dates back to Picasso’s cubist constructions, 3D works he started making in 1912.

The Art History

Enjoy a brief lecture on assemblage artists from the twentieth century to today—artists include Kurt Schwitters, Louise Nevelson, Betye Saar, Aaron Fowler, among others.

The Art-Making

Take a stab at assembling your own collection of disparate elements. Materials include wood, plastic, fabric, wire, metal, and everyday ephemera to include in your assemblage artwork.